In case you have not heard, we are excited to tell you about two new Bisco silicone products from Rogers Corporation. As a global leader in industrial HD Urethane and specialty Silicone materials, Rogers empowers innovation and breakthroughs in reliability, efficiency and performance of specialty foam and sponge materials. LGS Technologies is a Preferred Converter for Rogers Poron and Bisco specialty foam and sponge product lines, bringing you the best quality die cutting and custom fabricated components.


New BISCO EC2265 Silicone product makes its name by eliminating static buildup in small electronic devices, using a carbon black filled silicone material. This specialty silicone reduces electrostatic discharge and helps dissipate heat. The EC2265 product has current applications in Gasketing + Sealing, Cold Supply Chain, Shock Absorption, etc.  Look here for more information on EC2265.

BISCO MS-1600 is a medical grade premium silicone used across the life science applications. It is a chemically inert, non-toxic, and environmentally stable material that meets FDA compliance regulations. Our customers use this specialty silicone in the medical field for Gap Filling, Cushioning, Gasketing and Sealing, and Mechanical Fastening. Look here for more information on MS-1600


This family is widely known as an industry leader in silicone elastomers. BISCO offers a wide range of cellular, solid and specialty materials that are produced in roll stock. These high-performance materials are ready to be fabricated into gaskets, heat shields, fire stops, seals, cushions, and insulation. BISCO silicone foams are trusted for their superior performance characteristics.

Remember LGS Technologies can support standard Rogers material offerings, including Rogers Poron Urethanes and Bisco Silicones. When two great names like LGS Technologies and Rogers Corporation team you can count on superior product performance that exceeded expectations. 

Reach out today to learn more about any Rogers Poron or Bisco products and to speak with one of our material specialists about your needs.

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