After 20 years of offering our customers the amazing capabilities of the Flow WaterJet, we are pleased to announce the Flow WaterJet Mach 200 – now with 5-axis capability! This new equipment is unique in what it can do for our customers, allowing us to produce faster parts with exceptional quality. What does this mean for you? First, our 5 axis waterjet offers a more simplified process with fast programming and machine set up- this means less waste of materials and better quality! This machine gives us the ability to provide bevel and contour cutting, which reduces lead times. While the Mach 200  cuts the perimeter of the normal part, bevel and contour cutting can be incorporated into the same program. This efficiency equals less fixturing & jig requirements along with cleaner and more consistent beveling, chamfering, and contour cutting! 

This new machine’s maneuverability provides almost unlimited possibilities for the type of shape of parts one can effectively cut – if you need it, this machine can do it! The ability to process cutting in a single setup saves time and efficiency, which helps us deliver multi-dimensional quality parts at higher productivity levels.
The operational efficiency of the Mach 200 eliminates transferring and queuing parts at a secondary operation, which gives us one more reason to get your finished product delivered to you quickly.
The 5 axis waterjet can cut an extensive list of materials such as metals, composites, plastics, rubbers, stacked materials, and thick materials with absolute ease and versatility. The benefits of cold cutting include satin-smooth edges and minimal kerfs, making this machine one of the most versatile pieces of equipment we have for our customers.
Our new elite 5 axis Waterjet System allows LGS Technologies to be a complete one-stop shop in our busy world. This machine benefits many industries such as aerospace, automotive, energy, oil and gas, transportation, agriculture, and many more!
Let the Mach 200 sharpen the effectiveness of your next project with precision. To get started, contact your customer service or sales representative today!
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