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Providing custom cuts and precision sheet metal projects since 1953.

LGS offers a wide variety of custom fabricated services including custom die-cutting (steel rule and rotary), waterjet cutting, laser cutting, CNC routing, laminating, sawing, skiving, slitting, kitting, machining and sub- assemblies.


  • 1950's

    Inside a 3500-sq. ft. building near downtown Dallas in 1953, a family-run business called Longhorn Gasket & Supply Company was born. Production of leather transmission belts and nylon reinforced belts for flour and textile mills played a key role in their business until machinery was introduced in the post World-War II years. 

  • 1960's

    The Texas Oil Boom brought the development of on-and-off shore oil rigs. This allowed Longhorn to expand their standard product line to gaskets made of cork, rubber and metal. Armstrong Cork line was added along with Acme Hamilton, B.F. Goodrich, and West American Rubber which played a vital role in their early success. Longhorn began sheet metal processing in order to support the fabrication of metal gaskets, shim sets and other parts necessary for the oil and heavy equipment industries. By developing in-house steel rule dies and Class A metal tooling, Longhorn was able to drastically improve delivery times.

  • 70's & 80's

    In order to meet demands of the Vietnam War effort, Longhorn’s new metal stamping operation and 45-ton press supplied military-specific raw materials, various bomb parts and cushions for hand grenades. Automatic feeds for presses were installed to increase productivity. Pressure sensitive adhesives were introduced into the marketplace and Longhorn became a 3M Industrial converter.

    In 1980, Longhorn moved into a new 65,000-sq. ft. building in Lancaster, Texas (15 miles South of Dallas) serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and the four state area including Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. 

    Longhorn developed formed metal, plastic & fibre parts, a variety of EMI/RFI laminations, and integral gasket-to-metal busbars and became an approved fabricator for Rogers Corp. PORON along with Monsanto’s Flectron product line in the early 1990’s. LGS expanded into kitting, sub-assembly, and contract manufacturing for mechanical and electromechanical assemblies. 

  • 1990's

    In the early 90’s, a formal finished goods inventory and the addition of new equipment including: CNC Mills, Laser Machines, Rotary Die Cutters, WaterJet Cutter, PRO/Engineering Software, and a CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) was launched.

    The concept of OEMs outsourcing “non-essential” operations and their broad, experienced capabilities allowed LGS to become the preferred supplier to new contract manufacturing organizations. 

  • Today & Beyond
    IMG_9868 optimized

    In 2003, LGS celebrated its 50th year in the fabrication business solidifying their position as the preferred converter. The early 2000’s also marked the completion of a brand new 153,000-sq. ft. facility making way for new development. 



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