Bulyah! The Ultimate Party Game


Bulyah! The Ultimate Party Game

A great board game that includes not only you, but your booze as well.
Beware of getting way too drunk with this game!

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This game is FUN as hell. We don't usually play drinking games but this one rocks. I've never had someone tell me this wasn't a FUN ass drinking game. Great for getting juiced before going out or at a party. Tons of laughs. Breaks ice with the ladies. It's really the only game frattoys.com has actively promoted. Just play it.

How to Play:

Before play begins, a 4-ounce glass is filled
to the brim with the beverage of everyone's
choice and is placed in the middle of the board.
The "Grave" will be consumed many times throughout
the game, as players either land on a "Grave
Stone" space on the board or are instructed to do
so by one of the 100 Action Cards. When an Action
Card is drawn, the player must follow the command
designated. These can range from announcing, "I
am stupid" before taking a drink, to revealing one
of your most embarrassing moments, to acting as
servant to all of the other players by refilling
their drinks, and even making up your own rule
as the "Rule Master." Oh yeah, be weary of the
Prison and Hospital spaces, however, you can
gain relief by hiding out in the "Safety Zone".

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