Drinking Games

Who doesn't like a good ole fashioned drinking game? Offering a variety of College Drinking Games varying from Beer Pong to Cornhole, accent any tailgate or pool party with the help of Frattanks. From cards, board games or even mini golf we have plenty of Adult Drinking games to take any party from a social gathering to a full on RAGER! We play drinking games every time someone buys a drinking game! So do us a favor and add one to your shopping cart.


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  1. Shotgun Champ

    Shotgun Champ

    Regular Price: $10.95

    Special Price: $7.50

    Who's a champ??? You are with the Shotgun Champ. Be the first to use this innovative and popular product. No longer will you have to stab open your beer can. Just pop your favorite brew into the holder, tip over and chug! Get one for yourself and a friend today!

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  2. Washer Toss Beer Game

    Washer Toss Beer Game


    The Go Pong Washer Toss Game is built to last a lifetime with its solid wood construction and solid steel washers. This game can take a drunken beating any day. This game is foldable and travels with ease. Washer Toss requires skill and concentration, which every good drunk knows, is a very easy to accomplish. The game is good for tight-spaces and great for outdoors and backyards.

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  3. The I've Never Game

    The I've Never Game

    Regular Price: $23.95

    Special Price: $19.95

    Played on Family Guy and was featured in Playboy!

    This game is prefect for large groups of people. Ever wanted to know the truth about someone you know. Get this game today and find out everything!

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  4. Golf Drinking Game

    Golf Drinking Game


    Golf has never been a drinking game but now you can get wasted while playing golf.

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  5. Russian Roulette Drinking Revolver

    Russian Roulette Drinking Revolver


    There is one in the chamber, do you feel lucky? Pull the trigger and find out if it's your time to get shot! This Russian Roulette Revolver holds 2oz of your favorite liquor in the handle. Load it up and pass it around, each spin has a 1 in 6 chance of getting a drink, if the trigger squeezes then you have to drink.

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  6. Roulette Drinking Game

    Roulette Drinking Game


    This is a 16 shot Roulette Drinking Game with 16 shot glasses. Comes complete with 2 metal roulette balls and circular board. This is the perfect gift for that Roulette enthusiast. Get one today with EXPRESS shipping and have it for this weekend.

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  7. Mud Wrestling Package

    Mud Wrestling Package


    This incredible product is different to anything else on the market. It provides all the fun, laughter, and joy of wrestling in what appears to be a 'dirty' mud, but without the horrible smell, dirt, bugs and viruses that can come from wrestling in actual mud. The blue powder is added to your wrestling pool, and mixed with 60 gallons of water. Immediately the powder will begin to transform into a slimy, thick, slippery, sludge, that is perfect for wrestling in. Learn More
  8. Extendable Penis Pinata

    Extendable Penis Pinata


    The "D" Pinata will add the right amount of raunchy flavor to your bachelorette party, divorce party, or birthday! FYI - the shaft is extendable! Learn More
  9. Cerveza Dark Pinata

    Cerveza Dark Pinata


    Booznata dark Cerverza Pinata will add the right amount hops and fun to any BBQ, bachelor party, birthday party, graduation party, you name it! Learn More
  10. Cerveza Bootle Pinata

    Cerveza Bootle Pinata


    Booznata light beer piñata ---- Drink responsibly but don't be afraid to bust open the Cerveza Light Booznata irresponsibly at a bachelor party, Cinco De Mayo party, birthday party, BBQ, or any other festive event! Learn More


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