PARTY WITH SLUTS... Bieber Style. 

Bieber’s recent coverage in the news has been quite the controversy. November seemed to be the beginning of Mr. Biebers downfall. According to Bieber was spotted leaving a well known brothel, Centauros, in Brazil on November 1st. New York post reports that he spent more than three hours inside and exited covered in a bed sheet. That bed sheet didn’t do the trick however, the sight of the wrap around tattoo on his wrist gave him away. 

Bieber Brazil Brothel

Bieber Brothel

Photographs show that he  jumped into a car with two woman from the brothel. Then headed back to his hotel where he was eventually kicked out of later that night for ‘breaking the rules’. People who were also staying at the hotel reported that Bieber and his crew had been doing drugs, partying, and being disruptive in the days prior. Panamanian newspaper Cronicas reported that a prostitute in Panama City claimed that she accepted $500 from Bieber for sex the week before his spotting at the Brazilian brothel.

 Bieber Brothel

Bieber kept on Partying with sluts Beiber Style into the new year. He has been under investigation since his neighbors house was vandalized with eggs on January 9th causing $20,000 in damages. Thats not all, just last week he earned his first mugshot in Miami for driving under the influence, driving without a valid license, and resisting arrest.

Bieber MIA DUI

It is predicted that many American child stars will eventually fall off the wagon, with their downfall either making or breaking them (Miley Cyrus, Lindsey Lohan, Amanda Bynes, Macaulay Culkin, etc.). For Bieber its a little more complicated, he is a Canadian with a U.S. working visa and can be deported if convicted of an aggravated felony. If he is found guilty in his neighbors vandalization case he may be forced to leave us Americans. Its hard to say people are against the notion. Last Thursday an online petition was launched following his arrest in Miami. Requesting Justin Beiber be deported and his green card revoked.

Bieber Mug Shot

What do you think about America's beloved Justin Bieber? Does he deserve to be deported? Will he win his fans back? Are you still a Beileber? Are you a fan of his new Bad Boy image? Share your thoughts with us!

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